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Monday, July 2, 2012

Diploma in Film Technology - Sound Recording - Duration: 3 Months

Diploma in Film Technology - Sound Recording - Duration: 3 Months

Sound Recording is a career for those who have passion for music and wish to be a part of this industry. Sound Recording is all about capturing, recording, copying, editing, mixing and reproducing sound using electronic and mechanical devices. It plays a major role in both production and post production activity. Production part may involve everything from set-up to the live recording. Sound engineers use a variety of equipments to record even the slightest sound variations. The console board which contains variety of switches, Faders,  lights and meters, is a part in Sound recording as it can control sound input while recording, editing or mixing. In the post production section, the recorded material gets polished into final sound.

A Sound engineer is someone with hands –on experience and training in production and manipulation of sound through mechanical and digital means. Those who have studied any course sound recording can become a Sound engineer. They are responsible for the final sound that we hear in Theatres, Channels, music, i.e. in songs, background scores in videos, Theatrical films, advertisements and so on.
A sound engineer should possess a good ear for music. They may sometimes be known as recording engineers and sound engineers, even though the later are the persons who develop instruments for the audio engineers.

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